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Legal Siblings DNA Test-2 Siblings
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U.S.A/ U.K/ Spain/ Germany Citizenship Application DNA Test
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Immigration DNA Testing (1F+1C) For UK,USA,Spain, Germany
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Personal Paternity DNA Test Father to Child (Duo)
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Legal DNA Paternity Test (1F+1C)(Duo)
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Legal DNA Maternity Test (1M+1F+1C)
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Personal DNA Maternity Test (1F+1M+1C)
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Personal DNA Maternity Test (1M+1C)
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Why Choose DNA LAB Pakistan

  • Testing kits can be delivered to anywhere in UK, USA, Germany, Spain, Australia, Canada and Worldwide
  • We offer a fast turn around time and affordable testing for our clients.
  • Our laboratory scientists handle your case and communicate with you throughout the entire process.
  • Our client’s personal data and samples are handled with the utmost confidentiality and security throughout the entire process.
  • We have a broad portfolio of tests including DNA paternity testing, maternity testing, sibling testing,dead body
  • If you are looking for a trusted and Certified DNA Laboratory that offers reliable DNA Testing Services.
  • We are the   first   testing company to open a   Walk in Centre . We now have over 500 of these dedicated testing facilities across the Pakistan, UK, Italy, U.S.A, Ireland, Spain, Afghanistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc etc
  • We were the first to establish a network of trained  sample collectors  available to collect samples nationwide and Worldwide
  • 100% accurate cheek cell testing service
  • Our test uses up to 42 markers
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Receive testing kit from DNA Lab Pakistan
DNA LAB Pakistan receives sample for DNA testing
DNA LAB Pakistan Completes requested DNA testing
Results emailed in 5 working days
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DNA Labs Pakistan delivers High Quality DNA Testing Services tailored to your needs. We are specialized testing provider for Paternity DNA Testing in Pakistan. We compare and select the most appropriate DNA test with highest success rate at affordable cost at nearby your location.

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